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Chanel Le Lift  – The Review

I am a fan of Chanel and I often blog about Chanel products because they really are right up there. Yes I know Chanel is expensive but there are some products that are worth the investment. I went to the Spring 14 launch end of last year thanks Sarah for having me. We got to see the new spring line and the new Le Lift moisturiser and got to take one home!!!!

Le Lift launched in SA on 27th Jan and comes in Fine, Creme and Riche. I went for the Riche one because I thought I could use it at a night time or it would be great for the winter months when the weather is colder and you need more hydration on your skin. The cream is being endorsed by Diane Kruger:

Le Lift is all about guiding women along the path to their own beauty, allowing women to feel unique, confident and serene, in perfect harmony with themselves.

The researchers at Chanel creating Le Lift have found the link between external stress and our bodies, called Epi Genetics microRNA or (MIRS) which are tiny fragments of RNA that modulate protein synthesis. The 3 main MRA’s in the body show a connection to ageing, lifestyle and emotions, they multiply over time but the more numerous they are the more the youth protein decreases. In Chanel’s research they found 2 particular youth proteins that were being affected.

The active ingredients found in the cream is an exotic flower Edulis where the source is in the  roots called 3.5da which is rich in protective and antioxidant molecules . To get the active ingredients the roots are stimulated during harvest and the flowers aren’t harmed at all. As well as the antioxidant properties Le lift fights against free radicals and regulate’s cell proliferation. Here is a pic of what the roots look like:

The cream was created for performance as well as pleasure,with optimum firmness, where facial contours are redefined, skin tissues are rewoven day after day smoothing wrinkles.

The cream is being marketed to women in the 30’s upwards as our lifestyle really starts to affect our skin. The lightest cream is probably the best choice for summer unless you suffer from really dry skin and the rich would be perfect for winter where the cold weather makes our skin dry.

3 textures were created:

Fine: Fresh light and airy instantly absorbed and seamlessly blends into skin.

Creme: Creamy melt away texture feels soft and comfortable.

Riche: Velvety texture envelops skin in a delicate caress.

I absolutely love the cream, the packaging is gorgeous and I love how my skin felt after using it. Even though its R1500 it’s not as expensive as other Chanel cream’s I have used and investing in your skin care is really important. My skin felt smoother I haven’t got wrinkles yet (thankfully) but I can tell you my skin felt and looked so much better after using it.

For you Chanel lovers out there go check it out and remember Valentine’s Day is around the corner so maybe suggest to your man you want the cream!

Hope you enjoyed my post.

Shahnaz x