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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I love a good foundation and its definitely one product that I am always on the look out for plus I get asked pretty much every day what’s a good foundation to use. The Clarins Everlasting Foundation + SPF 15 hit my desk last week and I got stuck right in testing it out and am happy to say I love it.

I am not normally a fan of a matt foundation but this one leaves skin looking really healthy and still glowing plus my skin feels like silk. It has great coverage and definitely hides all my dark sun spots without looking too heavy.

The foundation promises 18 hours coverage I can’t say that I have tested it out that long but it does have good staying power due to the matt finish and really makes my skin look pretty flawless. With ingredients likeĀ organic quinoa extract the foundation is hydrating and adds that glow to the skin that I am always on the look out for.

As well as making skin looking amazing its got a triple action with ingedients of white tea and succory dock cress that protect the skin from the harsh effects of pollution as well as protecting skin against the sun.

There are 19 shades in the range which is amazing as well as some new shades for the darker skin complexions so happy days all around, they are instores already retailing at R415 and even though its a little pricey its a great quality foundation that has extra skincare benefits. Remember with a matt foundation you need to make sure that you prep your skin properly.

Have you tried the Clarins Everlasting Foundation + yet?

Shahnaz x