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Clarins Everlasting Foundation

Clarins Everlasting Foundation

I have been waiting some time to properly feature the Clarins Everlasting Foundation, sadly its too pale for my skin tone so I was waiting till I could test it out on a model for a shoot and then report back. Well I finally got the chance on the amazing Olga and its thumbs up from me.

I did feature it on my October favourites video as I used it on a shoot last week but Olga was the perfect girl to show how gorgeous this foundation is. See the picture below sorry its just a pic off the computer so you can see a bit of my reflection but you get my drift when you see how amazing her skin looks. Its an unretouched raw image and her skin looks amazing and absolutely flawless.Olga ClarinsIt almost has a semi matt finish but still has a subtle dewiness that leaves skin looking flawless without looking shiny as well as having amazing coverage which you can build up. I love the fact that the foundation totally evens out the skin leaving a radiant complexion. Of course you need to prep your skin and make sure you have done your whole beauty routine to get the best out of the foundation.

The foundation has a light optimising complex that helps minimise pores, has a plant extract from Acacia that helps the skin stay hydrated as well as protects against radicals, UV rays as it has an SPF 20 and pollution. Clarins promise it has up to 15 hours staying power with a non transfer formula but as I couldn’t test it on myself I can’t say whether that is true.

The Clarins Everlasting Foundation in stores retailing at R380 so its your next level up foundation and sadly only comes in 9 shades so hopefully we will get more as I really love it.

Shahnaz x