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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I can’t talk enough about skincare routines and really how important it is for great healthy looking skin. I was guilty in the past of not following all the steps but since hitting my 30’s and becoming a make up artist and even a beauty blogger you realise how important a skincare routine is. A lot of women may cleanse but don’t use a toner at all but this step is a also so important.

So why cleanse?

This really is the most important part as first, sweat,  make up and any other impurities are removed especially at the end of the day.  Clean skin is so important and you want to keep it haelthy and make sure pores don’t get clogged. If you miss this step out you are most likely going to get breakouts and all the other products you add on won’t work.

Why use Toner?

I am religious in this step as much as I am with cleansing as this step makes sure that all the excess make up is removed  and your pores are tightened so as to protect from toxins and bacteria. Make sure you avoid toners containing alcohol as it strips the skin.

Remember to moisturise after both these steps.

I stuck to the same cleanser for a long time until I have been introduced to brands like Ren, Dirty Works, Soap & Glory and Nip & Fab, Bioderma and Eucerin. I am currently obsessed with the Ren cleansers and toners as they feel amazing on the skin and my skin hasn’t felt better but all these brands are great and not expensive which is important as a lot of women will avoid certain steps as they think there is no way they can afford it.

If you want beautiful skin then these steps can’t be missed.

Shahnaz x