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Of course when I was asked if I wanted to test out the Collagen Lift Paris Red Carpet Ampoules to get younger looking skin I said yes. We all want to look younger than we are and now I am 41 I need all the help I can get. Luckily I don’t look my age yet so when people tell me I look like I am in my mid 30’s well they just make my day. The ampules are a drinkable source of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed Extract and Vitamin C. All the goodness in one go and all you need to do is add into water or juice every morning. I luckily got two months worth to really test out the product and see if it really works.

Each box contains 28 capsules retailing at R980 which works out to R38 a day which really isn’t too bad when you have all these ingedients in one ampoule. So basically the capsules are meant to reduce wrinkles, increase the skin’s elasticity and moisture as well as restore plumpness to the skin. Apart from all of that its also meant to help hair and nails as well as your neck area and hands. The product works best if you drink in either water or juice before you eat and make sure you shake well. Its the first time I have tried a product like this so was interested to see does it really work.

There are so many promises when it comes to skincare and what it can do for your skin. Does taking Collagen really work? I think by drinking it its more likely to have a positive effect than just applying a cream to your face. Plus with all these great ingredients it can only make some improvements right?

So my skin concerns are dehydrated skin, fine lines around my eyes and mouth and sun spots/pigmentation. Here is a before an after pic from day 1 to the end of the 2 month trial.

So what did I think?

Collagen Lift

What I can say is my skin is definitely smoother but I also use a lot of skincare products as well in combination. Its not as dehydrated as it has been so I definitely thing the Hyaluronic Acid helps with restoring plumpness and moisture. My fine lines are still there some days they are more prominent than others. I think they have slightly improved under my eye area but they are still there on the outer corners.

What I can say is that when it came to my neck and hands I really didn’t see any improvement and maybe this just takes time or I am just to far gone for any real change. However when it came to strength of nails and hair growth there was some improvement. My nails are normally quite weak but I noticed that they are stronger and don’t chip so easily.

People have been asking me what have I been doing to my skin as it looks really great. So yes would definitely recommend to friends to try out. Its definitey a product for late 30’s and upwards. Available to buy on Ruby Box┬áits definitely one worth checking out.

Shahnaz x