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Now when it comes to makeup we all know that contouring is the key to creating definition to your face, for those of you who don’t have defined cheek bones this is a crucial step in the process and for those of you have great bone structure contouring will enhance it. I am so happy that the Smashbox contour kit is back.

If you haven’t seen it before its a great palette with a contour shade to define the face, bronze shade to add warmth to your skin where the sun would naturally hit and the highlight shade to lift and add a subtle shimmer to the skin.

smashbox contour 3What I love about the palette is that it is great quality and Smashbox break it down for you with a little diagram on where to apply each shade so if you are a makeup newbie or a dying to get the whole process right then all you need to do is follow the instructions.

Samshbox Contour 1I will definitely include in a video for you soon but in this pic I have applied all the shades except I missed out contouring my nose this step is if you want to make your nose look smaller I personally don’t ever to that for myself but the magic of contouring is that you can help change the shape of your face so subtly.

Smashbox Contour 4If you desperate to see it in action here is a video from Smashbox on how to use it:

The Smashbox contour kit also comes with an angle contour brush that will help with defining the face and will retail at R550 which is great value for money especially as you have the contour, bronze and highlight shade all in one, and will make the whole contour and highlight process so much easier for you.. It launches on 16th Feb so you don’t have to wait too long to get yours.

Shahnaz x