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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I have never really had to work on a beauty moadboard before but since doing the Val Garland makeup course its made me have to think more creatively and design makeup looks. Most of the shoots I do the client has a makeup look in mind or its just straight up natural beauty and have usually put a mood board together themselves.

My brief was set by the British brand Preen and I have yet to shoot my looks which happens tomorrow but I have been busy putting together a mood board and started on my first looks. The brief is inspired by natural beauty, graphic elements from Kiss the rock band, with raw natural skin and bee stung lips with elements of gloss on the face.

preen moodboard 1

I took the mood board from the client and then added elements of what is inspired by the brand, previous show looks for Preen and then references that inspired where I want to take the makeup. I also looked at the brand what they represent, the clothes and taken into consideration all their previous show looks.

The clothes PreenPreen makeup looksTomorrow I will be shooting my final show looks so will be posting when they ready.

Shahnaz x