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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Now you all know I am obsessed with amazing skin that is dewy looking, with beautiful highlights, flawless skin and a whole load of gloss. Following on from my post yesterday on how to cheat that glow so I decided to share looks from Pinterest that I am totally loving showing you beautiful looks that are using gloss, highlighters and just amazing looking skin.

The glow can be subtle like the first look with contoured skin where a great moisturiser has been used, a highlighter like Strobe cream or Revlon Skinlights has been mixed in with foundation to give that more subtle dewy skin.

I am totally loving the look with the peach eyes and peach lip it makes the rest of the face look so amazing. Skincare playes a massive role in this look. Layering a cream highlighter under the foundation can give this kind of effect like Luna cream base from Mac so the skin looks luminous from within.

Clear Gloss, vaseline or Elizabeth 8HR cream are amazing on the cheek bones the look with the red lips definitely has some gloss on the cheek bones making the whole look come together and make those red lips pop. I love makeup beacuse you can use products for multiple purposes plus you don’t have to have every product to achieve amazing skin.

I love a gloss eye it may not be an every day look but it can really look so pretty expecially with pinks and lilacs. Gloss can be very sticky I personally love the 8hr cream for this. For the skin you want to keep it clean and choose a dewy foundation like the Mac Mineralise Moisture Foundation.

Cream metallics on the eye can also bring the dewy skin alive especially for a night time look and I love the bronze and copper shades combined with subtle highlights on the cheek bone and a light foundation like Mac Face and Body.

Amazing highlighted dewy skin is a massive trend this upcoming season so get busy trying out and see what works for you.

Shahnaz x