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Dirty Works-The Review

I got some Dirty Works products a while ago but only recently got to actually test them. I love this quirky brand even more so that is from the UK  and I absolutely the packaging. Dirty Works is a great budget brand and its all about “Good Clean Fun.”

So what is the brand about and why was it created?

They say “The people of the Dirty Works Kingdom suffered from dull, drab and dreary lives. They longed for glamorous products that would transform their existence from tedious to tremendous, dingy to dazzling and boring to brilliant!”

So after researching that is what they did, they created Dirty Works that is all about sensational skincare to beautiful bodycare.

The great thing is that Dirty Works has arrived on South African shores and is exclusive to Clicks. I was sent a few lovely products to try out and I absolutely love them and what’s even better I love the price!

So here is what I tried out and what I thought:

Berry Detox Mask R49.99.  Its a fruity clay mask with superfruit extracts of Blueberry, skin clearing Willow Bark and detoxifying Green Clay and Kaolin to help draw impurities from your skin to help keep it fresh and glowing. I have been using the mask once a week to give me a little boost. I love the smell its very fruity so that already makers you feel better, massage the mask all over and leave for 10 mins and then wash off. My skin felt very smooth afterwards and left a bit of a glow. Love it.

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Collagen On Call Overnight Facial R75.95: I absoloutely love this cream. When you apply it you can already feel that your skin is going to be amazing in the morning. The cream combines triple peptide complex, seaweed extract and nourishing Shea Butter. It supposed to lift, tone and boost collagen while you sleep, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I haven’t been using it long enough to say it reduces fine lines and wrinkles but my skin is feeling amazing every morning when I wake up. They advise to use this product for 8 weeks to see results so will keep you posted. You don’t have to use much of the cream as  little goes a long way. My skin is definitely glowing and its a favourite for me.

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Stop Puffy Eyes Eye Cream R49.99: Another product I am really loving. The eye cream is enhanced with light reflectors and boosted with a proven tightening peptide and stimulating caffine to help improve circulation around the delicate eye area as well as Vitamin E to help blast away the free radicals. My schedule is always hectic and the area around my eyes is always affected especially if I am tired. This eye cream is really moisturing as it contains Shea Butter so it helps combat dry skin and gives the area under the eye a boost so my dark circles aren’t as dark!

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Gently Does It Face Wipes R29.95: I always use face wipes when on set and for myself if I am really tired to remove make up. I usually stick to one brand but I really like these wipes. They remove all the make up and leave skin feeling really fresh. The wipes are kind to your skin, suitable for all skin types and are alcohol free. They are also fruity which I really love they contain supetfruit extract of Cranberry to help nourish and moisturise skin as well as containing antioxidant properties to help the skin against ageing.

There are a few more items available at Clicks and definitely a great budget buy to ensure your skin is left looking and feeling really great.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x