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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I have been wanting to write this post for some time and now I am finally getting round to it so hope its of some help to you aspiring makeup artists out there. I get mails on my social media  a lot from girls looking to become makeup artists or have just finished school and need help on how to make it. One thing I will say is its hard work in South Africa so it has to be something you really want to do. So are you dreaming of becoming a makeup artist?

I changed my career in my early thirties as I knew I needed to be doing something creative and it was a big risk. I had loved makeup as a little girl but somehow didn’t follow a path in makeup until I was introduced to an amazing makeup artist Bianca when I was pregnant with my daughter and it was love at first sight. I loved the whole feeling of being on set and being able to totally transform a person and I knew then and there this is where I wanted to be.

I assisted for a few months until I took the plunge and started a course while I was heavily pregnant. I took my exam a week before I gave birth I think that was true dedication. But it was only until I went to London to do a one on one course in makeup that things really changed for me. Sadly the school is no longer around but if you are based in South Africa there are a few schools out there for you to try or if you can travel get yourself to London its a whole other world out there.

After becoming a qualified makeup artist I went on to learning about hair this is a whole other ball game but to really get work in Cape Town you need to know both. Take a course and watch youtube video’s till you are blue in the face and practice practice practice.

So if you really want to be a makeup artist and have finished your course or you are about to start one then here are key things to help you get there:

  • Test, test, test and test again this is the only way you can grow your portfolio and get the opportunity to finally get an agent to represent you. You need to find new photographers and stylists who are in the same position as you and need to grow their books. I still test and I have been a makeup artist for 5 years its a way to be creative and show all sides to your skills. Some are paid and some are free but its so important.
  • Assisting is the most essential part of the process as you will learn so many tips and tricks. I learnt some amazing things from Bianca that you just don’t learn at school. If you are stuggling on who to contact call the local agencies so that you can get on assisting jobs.
  • I started out shooting for Afashionfriend which is a great platform for up and coming creatives and even though most of the shoots aren’t paid but you have editorial work in your book that doesn’t look like its a test. There are so many online magazines and its a great way to get your work published.
  • Social media is also a great way to link with people in the industry and getting your work noticed. People get a feel for your style and its definitely gotten me work.
  • Keep up with the trends and follow the big artists like Lisa Eldride and Charlotte Tilbury you will definitely learn some tricks there from their amazing video’s.
  • Once you feel you have got a good enough book then you can try get an agency and take it from there. My agency Supernova is amazing they get me in front of clients which takes a lot of stress away.

Good luck and if you are needing any extra advice drop me a message in the comments box.

Shahnaz x