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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

So I filmed some more video tutorials in studio this morning and my first look was a drugstore/budget tutorial and using make up for different areas of your face so as to be more economical and not having to go and buy lots of make up you may not be able to afford. So here are products that have multiple uses:

Lipstick: This can be used on cheeks for that beautiful cream finish that really gives that healthy and natural colour on the cheek. In the video I used a pink lipstick for both my lips and cheeks. So if you want a pop of colour but you can’t afford to spend a fortune double then you can try this out.

Eyeshadow: If you don’t want to go out and buy a brow kit or brow pencil then you can use a matt shdow to fill your brows too. For fairer skin tones you can use a lighter shade like a taupe and for the darker skin girls go for a very dark brown like Espresso from Bobbi Brown or a black for the really bold brow depending on how dark your skin is. Pearly or Champagne Shimmer eyeshadows are great as a highlighter for on top of the cheek bones, on the bridge of the nose and on the cupids bow.

Eye Pigments: I love using matt pigments that would normally be used on the eyes to matt a lipstick, It gives the look an extra dimension that can very cool especially if you going really bright. Alternatively go for a shimmer pigment and pop into the inner part of your lips to create a 2 tone lip with an extra pop.

Bronzers: These are great to use on the eyes into the crease to create real definition while still going the more natural route and a cream contour product can be used on the eyes to which looks amazing with a red lip.

Eye Liners & Lip Liners: These double up as lip liners sometimes and if you want to create the 2 tone lip where the lip is a dark shade on the outside and then blends into a red lip use a black liner or gel to create the outline and then apply the red onto the lips and blend with a blending brush. Lip liners can also be used as an eyeliner obviously not all colours that work on your lip will work on your eye and visa versa but if you going for a maroon or plum shade or even a deep purple lip liner would look beautiful on the eyes.

Finishing Powders: If you don’t want to go out and buy a matt lipstick then take your translucent powder with your fingers and patt onto your lips to make it matt. But remember apply lip blame underneath the lipstick first so your lips don’t dry out.

Hope you enjoyed my tips.

Shahnaz x