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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

This week I am really focusing on skincare because that’s where my focus after travelling long haul to London. The Elizabeth Arden Advanced Cermaide Capsules have literally been my best friend since using them and since getting off the plane that sucks all the hydration out of your skin. The capsules known as the “daily youth restoring serum” capsules are literally a glow in a gold capsule. I aboslutely love the packaging and I have absolutely fallen in love with how my skin feels.

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Cermaide Capsules¬†(R825) make my skin look so amazing that people have been commenting on how good my skin looks. Literally after I massage in I am glowing like never before. When it comes to applying my foundation my skin looks so good that dewy isn’t the word for it. The actual serum is like an oil so a little goes a long way and you can see the glow as you apply. The formula in the capsules has triple the anti ageing power to enhance the skin’s barrier repair function, increases moisturization and minimises the appearance of fine lines. What I can say that the last 2 weeks my skin has felt super hydrated. My usual fine lines that I have when I am tired have disappeared so happy days for me.

The combintaion of the new ingredients support the skin’s natural renewal process and make your complexion smoother, fimer and healthier. There are 3 key elements to the capsules that help with the skin barrier repair, moisture and anti-ageing all issues that I have with my skin.

Skin Barrier Repair: Ceramide 1,3 and 6 that strethen and firm the skin, help create a barrier against moisture loss and create a smoother and softer complexion.

Moisture: The Botanical Complex Technology is new to the capsules helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and increase hydration to the skin.

Anti-Ageing: Rich in Olec Acids, Vitamins A-E, Omegas 3,6,9 and Tsubaki Oil helps improve elasticity, minimise fine lines while enhancing moisture to the skin.

EA Capsules

The Elizabeth Arden Advanced Cermaide capsules definitely have increased my skin’s luminosity, made my skin smoother and softer and looks super healthy. ¬†They are on the pricier side of skincare but definitely worth the investment if you skin is dull and tired looking and needs a month boost. Its one you may not use all the time but when its needed its a great treat for the skin.

Shahnaz x