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Elizabeth Arden and Reese Witherspoon March on For Women

This gorgeous limited edition Red Door red lipstick has been launched in colloboration with Elizabeth Arden and Reese Witherspoon March on for Women. All proceeds from the lipstick go to the UN for Women. Its all about celebrating Womens Achievements and encouraging women to support other women. Back in 1912 Elizabeth Arden provided red lipsticks to the suffragettes marching on Fifth Avenue. Wearing red lipstick at the time wasn’t socially acceptable like it is now but to this day its a symbol for power and fearless women.

The March on Campaign advocates and honours women for ther ability for change and includes a pledge of $1m in support of their work. The red lipstick from Elizabeth Arden serves as a powerful symbol of unity and invites women around the world to support one another.

“There is real strength and camaraderie in March On and the feeling that we are in this together. By bringing UN Women, Elizabeth Arden and women everywhere together we can help change women’s lives around the world for the better,” explains Reese Witherspoon.

The Elizabeth Arden Red Door Red is one of my fav reds. Its bold and freshens up your complexion so as well as looking good youy will alsio be heloping others. This limited edition is in stores this month retailing at R295. For me red symobolises being a woman and makes me feel powerful so get yourself down there and invest in this gorgeous lippie. Help and support women around the world. Or buy for a women in your life that inspires you in your everyday life. For me that would be my mum as she shows me every day no matter what, how strong she is and makes me want to be a better mother and person.

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