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This month Environ celebrated 30 years of Science led Skincare. It’s a South African brand I have used for quite some time and absolutely love. To commemorate this amazing milestone Environ asked me to pick some must have products to chat about with my followers. The Focus Care Radiance range is one I tried and tested last year and loved. The body range is pretty new to me but has now come my go to. My skin has never felt better. Environ has a whole load of products that I love the list is pretty long. In this post I chat about 3 gorgeous products that are definitely key in my body and skincare regime.

The 2 body products the Body EssentiaA Derma Lac and the Body oil with Vit A, C & E are so hydrating for the body. I am normally a body moisturiser kind of a girl for every day but these two are really amazing. My skin looks and feels nourished with glow I absolutely love.

The Body EssentiaA Alpha Hydroxy Derma Lac Lotion (R325) is a lotion that helps soften areas like your elbows and heels. While also boosting the skin’s moisture levels. The lotion helps energise dull and tired looking skin, helps exfoliate and improve skin’s texture and skin tone. It’s definitely a multi tasking product which is great. Absolutely amazing for sun damaged skin or skin like mine that’s in the sun a lot. I suffer from dry legs it’s definitely one of the things I inherited from my mum. I love to slather this one all over me to get soft skin.

The lotion can be used for all those things we don’t like to talk  about like ingrown hairs on legs and on your bikini line. Any where really skin is rough really or where there are bumps. With a medium concentration of Alpha Hydroxy it’s a gentle exfoliator but also has moisturising properties as well. Skin feels so nourished after each use I really love it. Its a win win really. With oil like texture I love to mix in with the Body Oil from Environ as well. Remember glowing skin is always in.

The Environ Body EssentiA Body oil with Vit A, C & E (R350) is a small bottle of heaven. Its super light and really nourishing. Infused with active vitamins that I absolutely love and need. The Retinyl acetate (a form of vitamin A) repairs and protects the skin. The antioxidants C and E and Vitamin B5 protect skin from environmental damage. Plus the Jojoba oil nourishes and conditions the skin.

The oil absorbs really quickly giving such a beautiful glowing to the skin. As I mentioned earlier I like to mix the lotion and the oil together. Its great if you have dry skin (my legs) or if you are in the sun a lot. Living in a hot climate its key to take care of not only our faces but our bodies as well. The oil also assists in the production of melanin resulting in more even distribution and less pigment formation. Plus you can even use this bad boy on your face for extra hydration.

The Environ Intense Vitamin – C Boost Mela Even Cream (R450) part of Environ’s Focus Radiance Range is a definite must have. It’s an oil soluble cream contains an expertly blended combination of antioxidant vitamins C and E. This helps with shielding the skin from environmental stressors to help restore the appearance of younger, healthier looking skin. Vitamin C is a key favourite of mine for radiant skin. Its a key ingredient we all need in our skincare routine. Continued use of Vitamin C has shown to improve signs of ageing and brighten an uneven skin tone. Its also key in protecting against the harsh sun rays.

The C-Boost is ideal for sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines and capillaries as well as for the maintenance of a healthy skin. Of course with my pigmentation I need all the help I can get. if you have been following me for a while its been a bog topic of conversation. The whole radiance range is definitely one worth checking out.

Happy 30th Anniversary Environ.

Shahnaz x