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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

The latest dewy and light Estee Lauder Double Wear Fresh Water Foundation is here and I love it. I got to attend the launch on the weekend to get it tested out and see how it wears after a little exercise. Its a lot lighter than the Double Wear Foundation so if you looking for fuller coverage then this isn’t for you. Personally I like my foundation to look like I am not wearing much and this one definitely fits the bill. Its not replacing the Double Wear foundation in case you are a massive fan its just being added to the Double Wear Family.


There’s 20 shades of the Estee Lauder Fresh Water Foundation (R585) so far available in SA ranging from an ivory to Deep Amber, so they pretty much have a lot of skintones covered here. At the launch I literally had the foundation, concealer and bronzer applied to my skin. You can see my skin looks like skin and just looks really natural with a little bit of a glow going on.

What Estee Lauder did promise on the day was that as well as being super light and comfortable on your skin its also sweat proof. Normally makeup can block your pores if you exercise but this one lets your skin breath. We took part in an hour of secret sunrise literally the most fun I have had at a launch. The end result the foundation was still looking good after an hour of running around being crazy.

estee lauder fresh water

The foundation has an SPF of 30 so your skin is protected against harsh rays. Although I always advise people to wear a sunscreen under the foundation as well especially since we live in South Africa. Its also infused with anti oxidants that protect our skin against the daily stresses and pollution. After application my skin felt hydrated and so smooth thanks to ingredients like red fruit extracts, including watermelon, lychee seed and apple.

The foundation was applied with a foundation brush but the makeup artsit was not heavy handed at all so I got a light application. You can use your fingers or a sponge as well its up to you what you prefer. The makeup totally evened out my skin and took away some of my sun spots too. Its a goodie for summer because of its lightweight texture and your skin can just breath.

Love Love Love.

Shahnaz x