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Eucerin Even Brighter – The Verdict

Introducing the Eucerin Even Brighter range that landed on my desk a while back and with the word brighter I was already sold. I am always looking at ways to brighten my skin and lighten my pigmentation and basically leave my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. So what did I think?

The Even Brighter range was formulated to help skin with hyper pigmentation, even out the skin tone and protect against UV rays. I have been using the Day and Night Cream the last month and my skin feels fresher and brighter and all around just feels great. Plus coming straight back from holiday and serious sun my skin really needed this.

The night cream contains B-Resorcinol that helps decrease the melanin production and reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation and Glycyrrhetinic Acid that helps repair sun induced skin damage. As well as repairing its also really moisturising and thick in its consistency so my skin feels amazing as well as helping enhance the skin during the nightly regenerating process. After 4 weeks my skin definitely appears more radiant and my pigmentation isn’t as enhanced but I will need to use for a lot longer to see if it really starts to fade.

The Day Cream contains all the same ingredients as the night cream as well as an SPF of 30 and UVA protection so as to protect for further sun damage and pigmentation so its a winner for me especially living in South Africa.

There is a spot corrector pen but I have only been using the creams as part of my beauty regime. When I get compliments on how great my skin looks then I know that the cream has to be doing something right?

What I love about the Eucerin Even Brighter Day and Night Cream is even after 4 weeks there is still loads of product left so a little goes a long way and I reckon the creams will last up to 3/4 months so great value for money the day cream retails at R249 and the night cream is R219 so a budget product that really is worth every penny in terms of skin looking and feeling better.

Has anyone tried the creams yet and what were you thoughts?

Shahnaz x