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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Most of the time I focus on the makeup trends from the shows but I loved the hair so much from LFW that I wanted to share. This post focuses purely on my fav hairstyles for LFW AW17 and as you can see they are pretty cool. We definitely need to be thinking about adding ribbons or embellishments to our hair if we want to get with the trends. Its all about different textures and styles that are easy to recreate at home.

I love it when hair isn’t perfect and its got that undone feel. The twisted bun with pieces at the top and bottom looks really modern and different to what we normaly see. I really am not into perfect hair at all. Wrap the bun and pin but leave out pieces as you are twisting the hair to get this effect.

Its amazing how braids always stay in trend whether its a messy plait or cleaner this AW17 its all about adding the plait into the style. Love the snigle plait down the one side with straight glossy hair to have a liitle chic and rock n roll together. Alternatively keep it messy and undone with textured hair.

I do love an embellishment for the hair obviously for a show its OK to have loads. But if you want to rock the trend invest in a couple pieces and add into your hair style on one of the sides to add some extra definition. Alternatively invest in some pretty clips and work into your hair style whether its in a pony or just clipped into the sides.

Loving the velvet ribbon that has been added into the hairstyle. Its totally chic and oh so pretty and they perfect way to change up your look. Definitely a style that can we worn day or night whether you going smart or casual.

Last up the twisted roll on the one side is so beautiful. Its undone with wips of hair. Take a section of hair on your best side and roll makeup sure you pin as you move along to keep it all in place.

What’s your favourite hair trend?

Shahnaz x