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I celebrated my 40th birthday the weekend just gone it was a white party with a touch of bling. The one thing I hadn’t planned until it was time to get ready was my makeup. I got my hair done by the fabulous hairstylist Jeanette Genis and I had a gorgeous white dress with bling. I have had quite a few makeup drops in the last few weeks and one was from NYX and I remembered the super skinny marker (R144.95)┬áthat I have been wanting to test out. Its one of the easiest pens I have ever used to create a feline flick on the eye and trust me when it comes to doing it on myself I also struggle. This bad boy literally glides on without any mess plus it lasts for hours.

The pen is like a felt tip but for the eyes and with the nib being so skinny its really easy to create the line you want and to get right into the inner corners of the eyes. The easiest way to create the flick is to draw the traingel first and then fill in and then continue along the lash line. Make sure you get right into the lash line so that you can’t see any skin and even work the liner into the top waterline to create that really intense line.


Here’s a selfie with one of my good friends from my party as you can see its a super intense black that almost gives the illusion of a liquid liner but without all the mess. It doesn’t leak or create smudges once you apply that’s it. Love love love. Its one of those liners that you can create a subtle or a really bold flick and definitely one that I will use in my pro kit.

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