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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Yes this is me without a stich of makeup first thing in the morning wearing the eye patches from the Filorga Optim Eyes Collection. Flying to London took a lot out of my skin so I did a series of hydrating beauty steps including the patches. Plus combine it with the Optium Eyes Lotion and you are in for a real treat. The area under my eyes really suffers when I am tired and dehydrated so with these two goodies my skin is soft and hydrated at the same time.

Filorga Eyes

The Filorga Optim Eyes Anti Fatigue Eye patches (R670) are super soothing once applied onto your skin. I use these when I haven’t had the best night sleep and my eyes need some serious love. So the patches are like mini masks for your under eye area that is a 10 minute express treatment. The patches help tackle the signs of tiredness which I usually what’s needed in my life. There are 3 parts to the patches:

  • Dark circles (stimulating effect) the patches have an active ingredient extracted from yeast to help reduce dark circles.
  • Bags (draining effect) a complex of witch hazel which soothes and calm the under eye area to help reduce the tired look. Floral Cornflower water has draining properties which tighten and reduce excess accumulation of blood causing the bags to deflate. Basically the patches add freshness and relief while calming your eyes. A win win situation.
  • Wrinkles (hydra-lift effect) A┬áblack carrageenan gel┬áthat smoothes and hydrates the under eye area.

The patches are perfectly shaped to fit under the eyes with a gel like texture that really helps soothes. Basically they are perfect to use twice a week to help boost the eye area when like me have travelled long distance or if you going out on a date or an event need that extra boost.

Filorga Optium Eyes Collection

The Filorga Optim Eyes Lotion (R450) is a double combo its a serum and makeup remover in one. One it comes to removing makeup I find it takes a lot of product and cotton wool pads. With this one its like an oil based remover that literally removes everything in an instant but leaves the whole eye are feeling amazing.

The cleansing phase of the lotion contains gentle cleansing agents that eliminates all eye makeup. As well waterproof makeup without causing any irritaion to your skin. The Serum phase of the lotion has 3 key parts to it. Firstly it contains a powerful moisturiser that hydrates for up 12 hours. A powerful stimulating Tetrapeptide provides an overall anti-fatigue activity on bags and circles. As well as Biochanin A that helps promote lash growth and help reduce lash loss. Yes please need this in my life.

Its an all in one and propbably the best makeup remover you weill get your hands on. I love that it has so many benefits to the yes and really has become a key step to my beauty regime.

Available at selected Edgars stores definitely two amazing products to check out.

Shahnaz x