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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am always on the lookout for amazing new skincare to try on myself and to be able to recommend to others. I am not getting any younger and as 39 is fast approaching I will try any product to ensure that my skin stays in great condition and is glowing and super smooth. So with that in mind I introduce to you the Filgora Perfect+ Serum that is all about giving you perfect looking skin.

This serum is a creamy texture rather than a gel and with 2 pumps its enough to cover your whole face. The pipette has a button on the top so you can pump up the serum, I then apply on my fingers and massage into my skin.

FilgoraI have been using it for about 3 weeks now and after use my skin feels smooth and has a definite glow to it. The serum has been formulated to act upon skin texture, pores and shine leaving a healthy looking and glowing complexion. There are 3 main actions to the Perfect+

  • Refined skin texture and fewer fine lines
  • Tightened pores and a matte appearance
  • A healthy natural golden glow

The reason why the skin texture feels so amazing is due to peeling like exfoliating complex of 5 Alpha Hydroxy acids derived from orange, sugarcane, bilberry and sugar maple fruit extracts. Skin is boosted from within due to the nourishing vitamins and amino acids.

Without getting too technical there are key ingerdients to help with oiliness in the skin and help reduce pores and mattify the skin. But its not like a mattifying primer that sometimes makes skin feel really dry it just leaves skin feeling really smooth and hydrated but takes away the shine. As well as ingredients like white sapphire an optical illuminating ingredient that reflect the light resulting in a luminous glow.

The Filorga Perfect+ Serum is in stores already retailing at R865 for a 30ml bottle and even though it seems like its a little pricey my belief is spend on your skincare and save on your makeup.

(available at Edgars and red square stores)

Shahnaz x