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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

In this month’s issue of Womens Health I chat about all about foundations for flawless skin, pores, redness and long lasting foundations so that when it comes to taking a pic or even a selfie you are good to go. A great base is key when you looking for an evened out flawless complexion but remember you need to get one thst suits your skin type. Anja the beauty editor of Womens Health asked me to take part in this article and suggest foundations that I really love.

Each foundation recommended works for different concerns and since the selfie has taken social media by storm everyone is looking for that perfect base.womens health

The article covers budget and high end brands but if you feel you feel your concerns haven’t be covered then drop me a comment in the comment box and I will hopefully be able to recommend a product for you.

Hope you enjoyed the article.

Shahnaz x