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Brush or Sponge

Foundation Brush or Sponge?

I get asked so many times what brushes do I use, how to apply foundation and is it better using a sponge? Is there a better a way I hear you ask? The foundation brush or sponge?

When I am shooting its pretty much the foundation brush and I suppose its out of habit more than anything because using a sponge is pretty amazing if you using a liquid foundation as it leaves skin looking really natural and pretty flawless plus it gets into all the places. However I find a foundation brush is amazing for both liquid and cream it just gives that amazing finish to the skin especially the Sigma brushes they are my go to foundation brushes at the moment and have taken over my Real Techniques.

For me a brush gives better coverage and is great for building up the coverage especially if I know I am on set all day and the foundation has to last it would be the foundation brush for me hands down especially if I am using the Bobbi Brown stick foundation the brush just workd wonders with this formula.

So I suppose the foundation brush is the winner for me.

Shahnaz x