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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I recently furnished our new apartment that we are renting out in Cape Town in about 3 weeks ready for our first guest. Now when you are on a limited time and budget it can be quite full on but we did it. Even though I still need to add pieces I was pretty impressed with the job that myself and my husband did. This post is all about how to furnish your home on a budget to make it look chic and expensive. Most people would hit MRP home because eveyone knows its cheaper but they don’t have a huge range. We did get pieces like mirrors and lamps but actually we got most of our pieces from POCO. Lots of people who saw our pics and came to friends that came to see the flat didn’t even know about the store. Luckily my mate is the marketing manager so we were in the know.

The trick to styling or furnishing your home on a budget is to get key pieces that won’t break the bank and then add all the bits and pieces like a lamp, clock, mirror or the occossional chair. Prints also help add something extra to a room and thats definitely where you can save. A cool coffee table really makes a difference to the space we went for this POCO wooden table that looks so cool and really was so affordable. We added little details like the cushions, candles and fake plants to add something extra to the room all of which came from MRP home. They are great for all the extra details when it comes to styling a room up. A floor lamp is great because it adds that extra dimension to the room. This lamp was from MRP home (R999) its great because it looks sleek but didn’t cost much.

Add details like shelves that really cost nothing but added into a space with candles and plants it really changes a room up. I do love a clock my mum always laughs at me as I always need a big clock on my wall. MRP have a good selection at really affordable prices. They are also great for lights, lanterns and  table pieces like bowls and wine racks. They are have a great rose gold selection that looks so pretty so really its all about the detail. Superbalist and H&M home also are great for the detailed things like cushions and boxes etc that add detail to a room.

Mirrors are a perfect to make a room or a hallway come alive here we bought a mirror from MRP (R499) that has a mosaic detail to add a little something to the room. Occassional chairs are also great to fill an empty space perfect if you want to take time out chill and read a book or just have a cup of tea and just take a moment to chill. POCO have such a great selection of chairs and quite often they have a special on where you can pick a chair up for R1999!!!

I am all about cool bedside tables and lamps even if my guest doesn’t even use them it adds so much detail to the room. POCO have a great selection that have been imported from overseas ranging from R499 to R1500 each. These were slightly pricier but they look great and really add something extra to the room. The POCO website is really limited so best to hit the store itself the best one is their new store in Parklands its got a great selection.

The choice of lamps is endless we got ours from POCO but Superbalist have a gorgeous selection online with my favourite rose copper lamps that can really change up the room ranging from R599 up. MRP also have a great lamp selections and perfect if you are working on a budget.

If you looking for prints then Superbalist have an endless choice and pair it with an MRP frame you can make a print you paid R99 for look great. I bought a selection from MRP home that cost from R120 to like R300 so aforable but brighten up a room.

If you need a little inspiration check out POCO’s catalogue online to give you some great ideas on furnishing your space. Most of the furniture you see in our flat is POCO furniture they have great sofas, beds, dining tables and chairs at fab prices. Definitely one to check out.

Shahnaz x