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Gorgeous Skin with Avene

For those of you who haven’t used Avene you need to check the French Skincare brand out. The heart of the brand is the Thermal Spring Water which has healing properties and really focuses on sesnitive skin. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen me banging on about the Thermal Water, its a must have for everyone. Its really all about getting gorgeous skin with Avene as they have such wonderful products on offer. Today I am chatting about two products the Soothing Moisture Mask and the Refreshing Mattifying Fluid. Loving them both.

The Avene Soothing Moisture Mask (R250)  is from their sensitive range and it really makes skin feel like its had a good pamper. If you have dehydrated and over stressed skin this one is for you. Its got a creamy texture that feels really soothing on the skin so that in itself  makes it great. Described as a “true moisture bath for the skin”, this one sinks right in after application leaving skin feeling hydrated, soothed and glowing. This one is a goodie if your skin has gotten some sun burn, after a long flight or just if you haven’t had enough sleep.

Key Ingredients:

Natural Red Fruit Extract, a combination of raspberry, blueberry and red currant extract, which provides a high concentration of protective polar lipids to strengthen the skin barrier and revitalize cellular energy.

Pre-tocopherol, a Vitamin E precursor and a powerful antioxidant to protect the cells from free radicals.

Safflower Oil is known for its nourishing action. Hydro-nourishing agents composed of waxes, nourishing oils, and hydrating glycols nourish and infuse the skin for optimal hydration. Rich in the signature Avène Thermal Spring Water known for its soothing and anti-irritating properties.

Apply all over your face and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Wait until its all melted in and then remove. The mask can also be used for an overnight treatment leaving skin feeling so soft and hydrated.

The Avene Refreshing Mattifying Fluid (R259.95) uses the soothing power of the Thermal Spring Water and glutamic Acid to control oil production on the skin. Its perfect for those areas on your face that need some matting without drying out the skin. Perfect for key areas like the chin, forehead and nose. The absorbing micro capsules mattify the shiney areas, the moisture restores the skin’s suppleness plus helps soothe irritated skin as well thanks to the Thermal Spring Water.

As you can see on the back of my hand the cream gives a glow to the skin. So it takes a dull looking complexion and gives it some freshness thats needed. As well as reducing pores and just improving your overall complexion. Its oil free, super light, fresh and quickly absorbs in to the skin. Its a great base before applying your foundation and just gives a velvety finish to your complexion.

If you haven’t checked out my previous post on Avene these are also great products to incorporate into your regime. However, these are great for my skin they have different tanges for different skin types. If you don’t have a Thermal Water Spray go get one you won’t want to live without it. Its a must have.

Get gorgeous skin with Avene without breaking the bank. Love Love love.

Shahnaz x