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SVR B3 Hydra Ampoule

Get some serious hydration with the new SVR B3 Hydra Ampoule it’s like a drink of water to the skin. The serum has a combo of Vitamin B5 and a trio of Hyaluronic Acid so its plumped skin within a week. As you all know I chat about Hyaluronic Acid a lot it’s a key ingredient for the skin. As we get older ¬†hydration gets reduced which means the skin is fighting to stay hydrated.Therefore it can’t function to its maximum capacity. By adding these gorgeous products to your skin it means a hydrated and glowing complexion.

I often struggle with a dehydrated skin especially now I am in my 40’s so I look for products that can get my skin feeling really plumped quickly. The SVR B3 Hydra Ampoule Serum is great for dehydrated sensitive skin and also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

This serum is highly concentrated in vitamin B3, it soothes and strengthens the skin. The combination of 3 Hyaluronic acids restore skin’s moisture reserves. Tightness and discomfort are immediately reduced. Which means each day the skin becomes plumper and the signs of ageing are diminished.

Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) is a multi-corrective active ingredient that strengthens and restores the skin barrier. The SVR concentrate is at 5% to repair damaged skin. I love that the formula contains only 12 ingredients and is fragrance free. The SVR B3 Hydra Ampoule serum has been specifically designed for sensitive skin so no worries about crazy reactions.

I keep my serum in my Chick Cosmetics Skin Bar so that it stays cool. I love the fresh feeling of hydration on my skin. It really helps my skin to retain water and is a key part of my skincare routine. I absolutely love it. I like to apply the serum as part of my morning routine but you can work it in day or night. Apply straight onto skin or even mix in with your moisturiser. Its a definite hydration winner.

Best price is on Absolute Skin retailing at R652.50 instead of the normal retail price of R725.

Shahnaz x