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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am always on the hunt for new products that will add something extra to the complexion whether it be a highlighter, bronzer or a natural glow powder because how your skin looks is the key. Lancome are launch in SA its first healthy glow powder the Lancome Belle de Teint which I am super excited about and when it landed on my desk to try out well you can say it was happy days.

Lancome belle

Since I have more of a medium skin tone and a tan I have the darker shade no 6 Belle de Cannelle there are 8 shades shades from paler skin tones to medium/dark. The powder is all about having beautiful skin all year round so if its in winter its a great way to lift your complexion and if you have a tan its amazing to enhance the skin and add that touch of shimmer.

Infused with some amazing ingredients like Rosa Gallica which softens and boosts the complexion, antixoidants like tomato and apricot oils which is infused with Vitamin E and A that helps combat the free radicals, protect the skin cells and nourish the skin. The caffine ingredient helps with signs of tiredness as it acts as an energising agent. The soft focus charges help create a blurring effect so skin looks smoother and diffuse the light to help skin look younger.

Beacuse the powder is so sheer skin is able to breath and you don’t feel like you are wearing a load of makeup so great for those of you who don’t even like wearing foundation but just want to enhance your skin and add that luminosity we are all looking for.

It does come with a brush so if you don’t have loads of brushes like I do in my pro kit then this brush is perfect, the one side helps to contour and the reverse side is flat can be used for the forehead and any where the sun would naturally hit. Here is have applied under cheek bones and onto my forehead over my foundation to give a beautiful glow to my skin.

Lancome glowThe Lancome Belle De Teint launches next month and will retail at R599 so definitely a luxury product but amazing quality and a powder worth investing in if you are a makeup lover like me.

Shahnaz x