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The Revlon Youth FX range is one that I am really excited about. I am not a huge primer fan but I have actually been brought over to the primer side with this range. What I love is that there are two primers one for the face and neck and one solely for your forehead and both are totally different textures. The range known to fill and blur the different areas of your face is just perfect for me since I am now over 40. They all work in combination with each other to create an overall flawless look. Developed with a combination of soft focus powders that scatter the light, blurring imperfections, micro-sphere fill in wrinkles that hopefully make them less visible.

Revlon Youth FX Primer

I asbsolutely love the Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Forehead (R199). I am so happy that a brand has realised that we need a different texture for our foreheads and the rest of your face. Firstly my forehead is the most dehydrated and all though I don’t really have lines they are slightly forming. The primer is really hydrating and really like that you can paint it on with the brush. It melts into your skin straight away making foundation application a piece of cake. The brush allows the primer to get into all your lines making it more precise.

The Revlon Fill + Blur Primer for Face/Neck (R199) is perfect for my combination skin. I always get the oiliest in my cheek and chin area so the balmy texture of the this primer works perfect for me. I was worried that it may make my skin look to matt but surprisingly my foundation applies beautifully. Plus its also for the neck and that is one area where I do have some creases. A little goes a long way so one pump works perfectly for the face and neck.

Revlon Youth FX Concealer

The Revlon Youth FX Concealer (R199) is definitely a favourite in the range. I love the sponge applicator as it means I can pat the product under my eyes without disturbing my skin. Its a click pen so you’re not wasting any product. Plus it really brightens up my eyes taking away any dark circles. Its super light and creamy just how I like my concealer. As long as you have applied your eye cream before it doesn’t dry out at all.

Sadly I can’t show you an image of me using the Revlon Youth Foundation (R349) on my face because its not the shade for me. I have tested it out on my face to see the effect and its super light and melts into your skin. Its quite creamy texture and leaves skin feeling really soft. It definitely helped cover my sun spots and gave me a more even skin tone. With the primer and foundation together you don’t have to worry about it slipping it off throughout the day. There are 12 shades in the range so I will definitely be getting myself down to my nearest Clicks so I can showcase in a much needed makeup tutorial.


(image taken from Boots website to show a before and after)

Here’s a little video of the gorgeous Gwen Stefani showing us how beautiful the foundation looks on:

The range is available in stores so you definily worth one to check out if you are 30+, struggle with fine lines, you struggle with foundation lasting and you want to cover those age spots and pigmentation.

Shahnaz x

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