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Getting Brow Ready with Smashbox Brow Tech

I am a real fan of brow products when it comes to working on set and getting the models brows ready for a shoot. I am always trying out new brands, products and textures. Brow pens just make life that bit easier especially with the brush on the other side so apply and then brush through. Smashbox always seem to get the products right when it comes to brows but this time not only do they have new Brow Tech brow pencils they have also thrown in a highlight stick.

The lastest Smashbox Brow Tech sticks now come in a matt and gloss texture depending on how you want your brows to look. I absolutey love the gloss texture its super light on application and gives a gorgeous glossy finish with a narural looking sheen that adds a pop to the brows. There are 4 shades in the collection from taupe to dark brown so there is pretty much a shade for everyone. When applying a stick work where you need the most definition which is normally in the centre of the brow and work up in feathered motions when applying.

The matt brow tech stick is a super fine brow pencil that will definitely give you a bolder brow and doesn’t smudge and is waterproof which is perfect when you out dancing the night away or you are chilling at the beach and still want gorgeous looking brows.

The Brow Tech highlight stick is the finishing product that comes in 2 shades gold and bronze shimmer I got my hands on the gold shimmer stick. Its definitely one that I will be testing out on set to add a whole different dimension to the brows. Its definitely a product that I haven’t seen before. The shimmer can be either used after your matt stick to add a shimmer dimension or on its own as you see in the video. Its all about adding a metallic dimension to the brows making them stand out. Definitely a great summer product to add some gorgeous shimmer to your complexion. LOVE

All the Smashbox Brow Tech pencils are already in store so if you love a good brow then definitely go test these bad boys out.

Shahnaz x