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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Its a new year and time to get motivated mentally and physically. Last year the last three months I pushed myself to get fit with the Kayla Itnes Bikini Beach Body Workout. This year its all about trying new things and getting my body into tip top shape especially since I am renewing my vows and need to be as slim as possible. For those of you who get bored quite quickly like I do when it comes to exercise here are some great classes in and around Cape Town to get you fit:

Getting Fit with 3 different workouts in Cape Town

1.Barre Body: Its a combination of ballet, pilates, light weights and cardio so for us ladies its an all rounder in getting super toned and getting goregous abs, arms and legs. Helps increase fat burning and flexibility. Classes cost R150 per session but for a R1000 a month you can go as many times as you want.

2.Sweat 1000: This is an amazing class if you want that all round workout with a whole load of cardio thrown in. its a combination of the tread mill and floor work and its a 1 hr non stop pumping workout that literally will have you sweating but will give you an amazing body and fitness. Definitely a great class to combine into your weekly workout at R180 a class.

3.Virgin Active Step and Tone Classes: Now for those of you who are a member of Virgin Active I love the step and tone class which I do at least once a week. Its great for working on those bingo wings as you are working with weights all the way threw and its a great cradio workout with some abs thrown in at the end.

Will keep you posted on new places as when I try them but these three are definitely amazing.

Shahnaz x