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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Being on holiday has literally been the worst thing for me food wise so I took it upon myself to research companies to see what was out there in terms of healthy food options that could be delivered to my door and help me lose some weight. With my job and being a mum of two its hard for me to pre prepare healthy food so I find myself reaching for unhealthy options especially on shoots and am pulling my hair out because I can’t lose weight. Daily Dietician based in both Cape Town and Joburg offers a lifestyle healthy eating option, pro athlete option, a low carb and high fat option as well as an option for pregnancy and kids. Its a company that seems to have a great reputation after asking around so I decided to go ahead and start my 20 day challenge today.

I like that they ask all the right questions when you fill in all your info on what you want to get from the programme and they are really flexible on planning menu’s for you. The meals are portion controlled which trust me I need and are formulated by a dietician. My previous dealing with a dietician has been bland food that I just can’t eat and I end up giving up before I have really started. Daily Dietician promise tasty meals created by culinary geniuses so trust me I really can’t wait to try.

I have gone for the lifestyle option to lose weight and stay healthy with 2 meals and 2 snacks a day for 5 days which starts today so will keep you posted on the results at the end of it. Its not cheap by any means and its definitely an investment but I do believe its a great way to kick start my weight loss and help me stay there by being inspired by good food. You can also choose it to just maintain weight, if you are trying to be a vegetarian and need help with meals during the week or you have food allergies and are looking for another option. They pretty much have everything here for you which is unlike any other company out there on the market.

The Daily Dietician website is full of great information about health and tips on losing weight and recipes that features on their blog to help you start to think about your health and how to get to where you want to be. Its truly inspired me to get healthy and I don’t have to stress about making food and being prepared when I go to work.

Here’s a little video on what they are all about:

My current weight is 64.3kg and I am hoping to get to 60kg so let the challenge begin and see where I am at by the end of the 20 days. Check out my instagram later today shahnazlovesbeauty to see some pics of my meals.