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Vitalge Nutraceuticals

Introducing Vitalge Nutraceuticals offering a range of products that help the fight against anti ageing, cell rejuvenation, life extending, longevity promoting, smart health and nutritional supplements. I was asked to test out their Glow Rejuvination serum which I fell in love with immediatiely and their Life Force Botanical Supplements to fight ageing. The Vitalge brand is all about really taking care of yourself from the inside out and to help you live longer and stay healthy. I really love what this brand represents and its definitely a brand I will keep using.

The are 2 ranges of the supplements are the Smart Health which are collagen infused where “medicine is your food” to help nourish hair, nails and skin. As well as their Life Extension Supplements of which I tested the anti ageing. The range focuses on longevity, immunity, performance, cognition, cardiovascular and anti ageing. The Life Force range is unique in its formula as it helps fight against ageing and age related chronic illnesses.The supplements are 100% plant based using some of the most ancient adaptogenic herbs from China, India and Siberia.

Just like we would take a multi vitamin to prevent getting sick the Life Force Anti supplements help with ageing. The Life Force has a few different benefits in that increases energy, builds vitality, stops the production of free radicals that leads to cell damage and ageing.

Benefits of the Anti Ageing Life Force Supplements:

  • Boost physical performance, male and female sexual health, build stamina, improve endurance, boost energy and enhance vitality. 
  • Restore youthfulness and fight the signs of ageing in skin, hair, vision, dental and gum health.
  • Improve mood, anxiety, depression, reduce stress and has neuroprotective attributes.
  • Enhance mental acuity and cognition, creativity, intuition and improves memory.
  • Strengthen bones and ligaments, aid in muscle strength and recovery and joint pain.
  • Protect the respiratory system, promotes nourished blood, healthy cardio vascular and heart function. 
  • Provide an improved immune system, is immune modulating and gives immune support.
  • Reduce inflammation and oxidation, improve cell health and promote healthy longevity.

There can be some side effects but personally I didn’t experience them. Take 4 daily either all in the morning or split it thoughout the day. I can’t say yet whether the supplements have made dealt with all the positives they chat about. But combining good supplements into my routine is really going to help me in the long term. I definitely feel I have more energy and can go longer even if I haven’t had enough sleep. I really try care of myself with a lot of exercise as well so I think adding the Life Force supplements have helped. Also my memory is normally pretty crap and have definitely seen a slight improvement where I can actually remember stuff. Being in your 40’s everything changes. Need to get my husband on them as well.

Key Ingredients:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Astragalus
  • Eleuthero
  • Gotu Kola
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Reishi
  • Rhodiola

The supplements retail at R500 for 120 capsules so its good value for money plus its vegan so you know you are only putting goodness into your body. I definitely want to try the collagen supplements especially now that I am in my forties.

Check out the whole supplement range plus there are some new exciting ones launching soon so definitely a good one to look out for.

In terms of the serums there are currently 2 in the range the Glow Rejuvenation and the HandPrint Hand Serum. The glow serum (R365) is what I have been busy testing out and I really love this one because it gives the glow I love so much. With today’s harsh environment of a changing climate, poor diet, stressful lifestyles and not sleeping enough I skin really takes a bashing. All this can lead to premature ageing with dull and malnourished skin. The glow serum has only pure essential oils and ancient botanical extracts that has been specifically formulated to penetrate deep into the skin.

I absolutely love the scent and I love how my skin looks and feels after use. The scent really does have a calming effect which for me is always a plus for me and the models I work with.


  • Smoothes out the fine lines
  • Reduces sun spots
  • Elasticity improves in the skin
  • More youthful looking skin that smoother and softer
  • Helps calm redness and exzema
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Great for scars and stretch marks

Key ingredients:

  • Rosehip Oil
  • Squalane Oil 
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil 
  • Myrrh Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil

I actually like to use oils at night as I already use Vitamin C capsules in the day so don’t like to overload. Plus the skin repairs itself at night as well so I wake up with amazing looking skin. I have definitely noticed a glow and my skin is looking and feeling healthier. Plus my sun spots look like they have lightened a bit but I do combine with a whole skincare range. Definitely recommend the serum plus its really affordable.

Both the serum and capsules are sold as a combo that actually works out cheaper if you buy them together. Plus you are really working the fight against anti ageing from the inside out.

To find out more about the brand go check out their site plus their blog thats full of great info. We only have one life so its key you really take care of yourself and this brand will totally help you get there.

For your first order Vitalge are offering a 15% discount just use the code SHAHNAZ15. Happy Shopping.

Shahnaz x