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prevage progressive renewal treatment

I have finally finished my 4 week Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment and my skin feels ridiculously amazing. Its a brand new treatment kit that is basically an at home peel kit that has 4 stages. I have always been terrified of peels and have dabbled in a couple non invasive treatments over the last couple years. This treatment gets the same results without any harsh treatment to the skin. You just apply every night and voila gorgeous glowing skin. Each week each treatment deals with different skin concerns and its gentle with no discomfort. My skin just looked and felt better each week.

So what’s the Progressive Treatment all about?

Now at first I didn’t have a clue how it actually worked as I have no patience and just wanted to get busy testing. The treatments have a cap that you have to press to release all the good stuff. The kit comes with 4 vials and 1 pipette so you can apply the drops and massage in. Each vial contains a mixture of powerful Idebenone (an anti-oxidant to repair damage and protect cells) and Polyhydroxy acid (PHA). This is a new gen chemical acid that has larger sized molecules than most other acids, so it exfoliates and penetrates the skin at a much slower rate. The benefit to the gradual treatment is that skin doesn’t get red, doesn’t burn and its perfect for me who is terrified of having a peel.

When you press the cap it releases the antioxidants into the vial of Hydroxy acids and gets stronger resurfacing benefits as the weeks go on. With the added antioxidant Idebenone protection skin gets smoother, brighter and looks younger.

The hydroxy acids gently exfoliate surface skin cells which means smoother skin. Best way to apply is on clean skin at night and then leave for 20 minutes before applying anything else. The antioxidant neutralises the free radicals that accelerate the signs of agein. Elizabeth Arden created the Prevage range for skin that has been battered by UV rays, stress and pollution and basically tired skin.

Its a treatment perfect for someone like me who struggles with pigmentation, has the beginnings of fine lines and dehydrated skin. I often don’t get enough sleep so my skin is tired and living in a hot climate the UV rays are intense. Even though I drink lots of water etc my skin sometimes gets dehydrated. I have a good skincare routine but sometimes that isn’t even enough.

How it works:

I found that I never used the whole amount each week and I could use 2 full doses each night to make sure I got enough product. I massaged in after cleaning skin and then applied my night serum, Vitamin A and moisturiser. After applying skin felt soft and smooth.There were some nights that I forgot to start the process earlier and couldn’t wait 20 minutes to apply my other products so I just cleaned skin and then applied the treatment. My skin still felt amazing the next day so it really does work on its own.

According to Elizabeth Arden this is what each works on:

Week 1: Radiance and clarity is restored.

Week 2: Fine lines and pores visibly diminish.

Week 3: Deeper lines are Reduced.

Week 4: Tone is evened and skin looks younger.

While using the tereatment you must make sure you apply an SPF every day. I have been using the amazing Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 its truly an amazing product.


During week 1 I didn’t see a huge difference but my skin felt good. I love that each vile has the antioxidant seperate so everything stays fresh. In week 2 I found my skin felt more plump with a lovely glow. At the end of week 3 my skin started look and feel so good. A serious glow when I woke up and actually I have had to apply less concealer, as my dark spots on my chin and cheeks weren’t as hectic. After week 4 I don’t think my skin has ever glowed so much. My complexion is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Plus I definitely think I look like I am under 35 even though I am 43! My skin looks brighter and rejuvinated. I absolutely love it and would use again and again.

CheckĀ out the video from Elizabeth Arden to see in action:

My Verdict:

The Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment is a great skin booster and perfect to do at least a couple times a year. It retails at R2100 so its definitely an investment. I am a firm believer in spending on my skincare. I already do 2 Vitamin A facials twice a month and am always adding an updating my skincare routine. I have just finished the treatment so will see how long the glow lasts. I think the key to protecting my skin is to use SPF every day even when its not sunny, plus look at adding in an exfoliating toner as well.

(Available in selected Foschini and Edgars stores)

shahnaz x