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I am always on the look out for good affordable foundations for me. Spluring on an expensive foundation for every day just doesn’t make sense. Thanks to Poise Brands I got my hands on the Mii Cosmetics flawless face base and I have to say its become by go to base. Its a great brand that hasn’t been in SA long so most of you probably haven’t heard of it. Every product I have tried as really blown me away with the quality and how it really looks on me.

Mii Cosmetics

The Mii Cosmetics Flawless Face Base SPF 10 is between your BB cream and foundation. Its got amazing coverage if you apply with a brush like I have done in the pic. If you are looking for a lighter coverage then apply with fingers. It totally evens out my skin and if you saw my post the other day without any makeup on you can see how well this base works (click here if you didn’t see it). It literally covers all my freckles and sun spots leaving a flawless complexion just like the tube says. It feels super light on application with a silky smooth finish. The light diffusing particles cover the imperfections giving an almost air brushed look. I finished off the look with the Mii passion Matte lipstick in Sassy which I absolutely love. it goes beautifully with the base giving me that fresh look I love.

Check out Mii SA’s facebook page to get more info on the brand. Sadly its not available all over SA yet but you can find out how you can get your hands on the brand. check out Poise Brands on finding the nearest store to you and click here for the Mii newsletter to get latest news on the brand.

Shahnaz x

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