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Face sunscreens are a must have for everyone and if you’re smart you carry one in your bag where ever you go. I admit sometimes I am lazy especially when I am by the pool and I have my kids Nivea handy. However, I do try keep one for my face and one for my body. Prevage have introduced their amazing new City Smart Hydrating Shield which will be in my holiday kit next week Europe bound.  Bioderma have launched their sunscreen to help combination and oily complexions. Both add a wash of colour to your complexion plus amazing skincare benefits as well. I am no longer looking for your usual face sunscreen I want something that has it all and will also make my skin look amazing.

Here are my thoughts on both:

The Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Hydrating Shield is pretty amazing plus smells amazing like all the Prevage products. This one will seriously hydrates and protects your skin leaving it smooth and glowing.  Its definitely the first of its kind skin shield that keeps skin younger and brighter. It combines pollution and UV protection and their DNA Enzyme Complex to strengthen skin.

So basically its a 3 in 1 mineral sunscreen, antioxidant serum and tinted perfector for flawless hydrated skin all year round. The City Smart won Allure Best of Beauty last year and now its launched in SA. Its on the pricier side at R799 but really who cares when you have such an amazing product in the palm of your hands. Its had such rave reviews and I promise as soon as this bad boy touched my skin it truly felt amazing. Soft, glowing plus its going to protect me against the sun.

So many women miss this part out because who wants white residue in a photo especially a selfie. Face sunscreen is probably missed out by a lot of women due to either not wanting to look chalky or sheer laziness. So when you have your 3 in 1 product like this then trust me you are not missing that step out.

The cream has a universally adaptive tint that has no chalkiness you will be happy to hear that gives a subtle hint of colour. So if you have a darker skin tone do not fear this will still look amazing on you. As soon as you apply boom radiance alert!!! This will most likely be my go to product and one I will buy again and again. Even though its a higher price then a sunscreen remember ladies its not just a sunscreen so you can combine your serum, your subtle base and your antioxidant as well. So really its not just a sunscreen its everything.

The Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch spf 50+ (R249.95) has a slightly oily feel to it when you apply. However, it soon melts into your skin actually leaving it feeling really hydrated as well as protected. Suprisingly it also has a bit of a matte finish even though it feels slightly oily on application.  So for those of you have combination skin like I do or oily skin then this is for you.

Its super sheer so don’t expect it to cover an uneven skintone but it will give a hint of colour. The Bioderma sunscreen also gives a subtle glow and makes my complexion look really healthy. Go for a slightly darker shade to give the illusion of a touch of a tan. For an even application and you can either use a sponge or your fingers.

Its got Salicylic Acid to help keep pores clear, an antioxidant complex proven to help to stop your face’s natural oils going streaky on your face. Which really just looks gross. Both these ingredients help over time keep pores clear and soft focus powders to help mattify skin and diffuse the light. Perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool so your skin doesn’t get clogged from a heavy sunscreen and your skin has a head start with a bit of a tint.

Do you use a face sunscreen???

Shahnaz x

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