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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

There are certain products I will reach for at home when my hair is need of some love or I just don’t have the time to wash because I am doing too many things in the day and then collapse at night. I struggle with dry hair at times as I use a hair dryer to style my hair and working in the sun outside on location can dry out the hair. So here are some products I am really enjoying using at the moment:

Aussie Art Collection: I have been using this  limited edition collection the last month and I have been loving it especially the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner. My hair gets very dry from blow drying and working in the sun so I always need a lot of conditioner to get the softness and bounce back.  Aussie hair care is a brilliant brand treating all different hair types and I have always been a big fan. This collection and the deep conditioner will give your hair a moisture boost and I love the fact it only needs to stay in for 3 minutes.

Baptise Dry Shampoo: Sometimes my schedule is so crazy that I don’t get the opprtunity to wash my hair and I have to leave it a day extra this is where this goodie does the trick. I use the one for dark hair but there is one for different hair shades so there is no white marks left. It instantly refreshes my hair giving the volume back that I need. Its also a great product to have on set to add some lift to the hair.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil: Even when I use a deep conditioner I find in the hotter months my hair still can feel dry. Hair oils are a great way to give deep nourishment to the hair and they are also great for when you are styling hair with a hair dryer or straightener. Dove are bringing these out in SA on 5th March and they are definitely a great budget winner. Made with Macadamia Oil its a non greasy formula with nourishing properties. These oils instantly help to replenish lipids, softens hair and leaves it shiny. Apply while hair is still damp into the roots and then style this will lock in the moisture.

Philip Kingsley Hair Elasticizer: A great hair treatment but you will need 20 minutes for this one so its for when you are at home at night and not in a rush so include this in your pamper night. Its an intensive, super moisturising treatment that will help sort out crazy hair. This mask helps you restore your dry and damaged hair and leaves shiny and healthy. This treatment should be done before you wash and condition your hair.

Hope you enjoyed my post.

Shahnaz x