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Dealing with hair can often be a bit of a nightmare not everyone has thick locks that does as its told. Some people have fine flat hair and some crazy frizzy hair so what to use??? A lot of the time I get booked for make up and someone else for hair but I still style hair for shoots like Fairlady and Men’s Health. I also style my hair regularly and am always looking for great products. I have tried quite a few products out and taken advice from the hairstylists that have been around a long time too and here are products I love and have helped me out when I have needed it products that will protect your hair too plus some great tools:

Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Hairspray: This hairspray protects hair against weather and also has a great hold. I recently used this spray for my Fairlady Shoot where I needed to tong and texturise the hair. I spritzed the hair first and then tonged the hair to create that undone textured hair and the texture I had created lasted the whole shoot plus the model’s hair didn’t fel sticky at all. Love this

Wella Pro Series Heat & Shine: A great budget product for protecting hair when using electrical tools. I have used it on myself and in recent shoots. Firstly I absolutely love the smell so hair is left smelling amazing and the hair isn’t left feeling sticky. When I have used it on my hair in combination with the mousse and then blow dry my hair feels great, smells great and looks really glossy. I have now been using it on models before styling and have now added to my pro kit.

Tigi Bed Wax Stick: This product is a lifesaver for those flyaways and for afro hair. You can either apply the stick straight to the hair especially on the sides where there are flyaways or you can apply on your fingers and then smooth your hands over the hair to tame those flyaways. This wax is great for afro hair especially when the model’s hair is really short then I run the stick along the hair to smooth it down and keep in place or when applying a hair piece and the real hair is at the top over the hair piece this product is great for styling the hair at the top to integrate with the hair piece. A definite winner.

Osis Dust It (magic powder): Another hairstylist introduced this product to me last year and I have kept it in my pro kit ever since. This powder or so I call it the magic powder as it really creates volume. This mattifying powder is great for creating volume and makes teasing that little bit easier. Plus if you need to create some volume in the hair you can lightly dust the powder on the hair and gently tease to get bigger hair. LOVE IT

Elnett Hair Spray: A budget winner of a hairspray especially if you are on location and you need the hair to stay in place this hairspray in Extreme Hold is a winner. Its been around a long time and a lot of hair professionals will have a can of Elnett tucked away somehere.

Wella ProSeries Mousse Uplifting Volume: Another great budget product I have been using this mousse on my own hair to style and I love that my hair doesn’t feel sticky once I have styled it and I love the volume I get. I had a compliment the other day on my hair and I had styled with the Wella Pro Series products which don’t break the bank.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray: A winner spray for creating that beachy tousled hair. I have recently blogged about the spray on how to create textured hair so I wanted to add it in my selection. Spritz the spray in your hair and then blow dry your hair and scrunch pieces at the same time then go in and tong sections to create that beachy look.

Philip Kingsley Preen Cream: I really am loving the Philip Kingsley hair products this cream is great for smoothing out the hair once its been styled.

Baptiste Dry Shampoo: Love love love this brand. Baptiste have a large number of dry shampoo’s from origional, big hair, different smells and for hair colour. I love that there is a dry shampoo for my hair because so many times I have such a hectic schedule and can’t wash my hair as am too tired a spritz of this dry shampoo makes my hair look amazing and give lots of volume. Plus it really is a great budget buy.

Kent Teasing Brush: I love this brush to create big teased hair its another budget tool but it does exactly what you want. Take sections of hair and gently tease the roots this brush is a winner.

Kent Paddle Brush: Whether you are a hair stylist or just like to style your own hair at home you can’t go without a paddle brush. Its perfect for when you have tonged your hair and taken the pins out and you want to gently brush you hair out it leaves the hair feeling so smooth. I also love using the brush to tease under the hair to create volume when you are trying to cheat a little bit and make it look like there is more hair. I can’t go without this in my pro kit.

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