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Solal Face Sunscreen

We all know that wearing sunscreen especially on your face all year round is one of the most important things in your beauty regime. After attending an event where they chatted about sun damage the collaboration with Ruby Box and Solal Sunscreen couldn’t have come at a better time. Applying sunscreen to your face is so key to avoid serious sun damage to your face. Whether you wear makeup or not make sure its your last step in your beauty routine.  I didn’t even realise that even when its cloudy that your SPF till needs to be applied. Using phones on a daily basis also emits rays so remember what ever skin tone you are get that SPF on. 

I actually had never heard of the brand but so far I have been really impressed. Finding a good sunscreen that not only helps protect your skin from the rays but also isn’t too oily and sticky is really important. When I look for a face sunscreen I need to be able to wear every day under my makeup or just by the pool. A sun screen needs to not be too heavy especially as I have sensitive skin and can break out. The Solal SPF 30 is perfect as it has the perfect consistency, melts into my skin without leaving an residue and actually gives my skin a glow. Plus I absolutely love the packaging it looks super sleek and perfect to pop in my bag when I am out and about.

Solal’s SPF 30 is a broad-spectrum (UVA + UVB) sun protection facial cream suitable for all skin types but it is NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. Its silky to the touch and has a  matt finish so for those of you with an oily complexion you don’t have to worry about using this one. Its super light so its perfect to combine with your makeup. I apply sunscreen after I have applied all my beauty products and then apply my foundation.

The Solal sunscreen not only protects against HVB Light, UVA and UVB its also helps with anti ageing. When you look for a sunscreen make sure its also protects against HVB Light which is just as damaging as the sun rays. The HVB light weakens the skin barrier function, causes pigmentation, harmful to essential proteins which over time results in sagging and wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid in the sun screen also seriously hydrates skin and adds moisture where needed. Plus the antioxidants help protect the skin against all the daily stresses making it an all rounder and a pretty affordable price of R275.

Take a 2/3  pumps and massage all over face and neck before applying your makeup. I keep it on my vanity table with all my makeup so that I don’t forget the step.

Available in Dischem Stores its definitely worth investing in. I am super excited to try some of their other products. To learn more about the brand known as the “healthy ageing specialists” check out their website here.

Shahnaz x