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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Yay the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here the amazing H&M store launched their VIP event at the V&A waterfront last night where we got to shop till we drop and get 20% off. Thank you very much. The official opening is tomorrow the 17th Oct but I was lucky enough to get invited to the event and of course I went a bit nuts on the shopping front.

h&m launchThe studio line is what reallys stands out in the store and new to H&M since my day, the quality and the selection has vastly improved so it scares me a little because I know I am going to be broke every month.

There is everything from cool evening wear, casual wear, sports wear and the trendy hypster/festival vibe going on so what ever you fancy you will definitely find an item for you. I didn’t get a chance to check out the whole store but there is a great men’s selection and happiness for me kids clothing and I am so buying my daughter the My Little Pony leggings.

So here are my purchases with the suede dress being the priciest at almost R2999 but I did get a discount! The majority of the pieces are at great value with the studio line being the next level up but pretty gorgeous.This dress will definitely be my favourite for the season with a cute little bag and some heels I can’t wait to wear it out.suede dress
I love anything colbalt blue so of course I couldn’t resist myself with this beautiful dress perfect for day or night and the little jacket will look amazing with the dress, denim shorts or a nice pair of jeans with heels.

h&m shopping
Last up the pretty day time dress which I can dress up or down and even wear while I am shooting and not badly priced at R599.

h&m shopping 1
Thanks to The Press Room and Little Black Book for hosting an amazing event with amazing music and drinks and food flowing and for the cute gift bags.

For those of you are love to shop get yourself to the V&A waterfront for the official opening at 10am tomorrow its going to be crazy.

Happy Shopping.

Shahnaz x