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I used to be one of those people that didn’t really think about what I really needed to out into my body. I have been drinking hot water and lemon for ages but that was really enough to kick start my day. My mum has been a real inspiration for me and kicking my ass into gear to eat right and to make sure I exercise. The C9 detox helped me really get my head into gear, and now well I am training like crazy and starting my day eating right. It can be quite daunting stepping into a health food store because really the choices are endless. In this post I cover key benefits to some of the superfoods out there and how they can help you.

Firstly I start with drinking an 80ml shot of Aloe Vera juice which just has so many benefits for your body. I did post about the juice while I was doing my amazing detox back in July. The benefits are just so worth that bitter taste. Keep the juice as cold as possible and knock it back then its not so bad. If you didn’t see my post on the benefits of the juice then click here. I only touched on a few of the benefits in the post.  A key one is all the nutrients that you out into your body get to where they need to be in your body. My stomach is flatter and I don’t bloat as much plus my skin is really in tip tip shape.

Blueberries have become my go to every morning and I really never miss this step out. I actually mix them in with my seed combo and natural yoghurt from the health food store. Blueberries have so many benefits for your body and your skin. You definitely need to be getting them into your daily food intake. Its all about feeling nourished and clean from the inside out. Blueberries taste amazing so can be eaten on their own or mixed into porridge or yoghurt. With them being so tastey my kids will love them so its been super easuy to incorporate them  into their diet every day.

Here are some key reasons why you need them every day:

1.They have a flavonoid antioxidant that may help protect you from serious illness like cardiovascular illness, neurodegenerative disease and cancer.

2.They fight inflammation like arthritis.

3.Blueberries help keep you sharp with research showing that they enhance memeory function, balance and coordination

4.By eating a handful of the berries every day they help keep your skin bright due to the Vitamin A and E that’s necessary for the skin’s collagen. They will help slow sagging skin and wrinkles as well as keeping skin hydrated and younger looking.

5.They are the absolute when it comes to antioxidants and beat fuit like strawberries, cranberries, blackberries and apples. Blueberries have twice the nutritional value as well.

Now when it comes to my seeds I combine sunflower and pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds and flakseed powder. I also mix in dry goji berries, gluten free oats and cocoa nibs that adds that extra bit of sweetness to my breakfast mix.

Key Benefits of the seeds and berries:

1.Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds are a great source of Iron and Zinc as well as Vitamin E.

2.Hemp Seeds contain all essential amino acids, high in fibre and omega 3 and 6, a great source of protein as well as help with the risk of heart disease.

3.Chia seeds are are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. They are loaded with fiber, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and various micronutrients. They are loaded with antioxidants, bone nutrients like calcium and magnesium, they are high in fibre and protein and are amazing to help you with weight loss. A key health benefit is that they lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

4. Flaxseed contains omega 3 fatty acid that can help with the heart, antioxidant qualities and high in fibre.

5.Goji berries are a great source of Vitamins and Minerals containing Vitamin A and C, high in fibre, ioron, zinc and a great antioxidant. The berries contain all 8 essential amino acids and are a great source of protein.

I have only covered a small amount of benefits for each seed and berry so you definitely need to get online and do your own research. What I can say about adding all this superfoods into my diet as well as the aloe vera juice I have definitely seen an increase in energy levels. I have been able to run more and push myself when it comes to all exercise. All the seeds and berries I have mentioned can be eaten together like I do or added into salads, porridge and smoothies. Its so easy to incorporate them into your every day diet.

What I out into my body has become really important to me especially now I am older. I will be covering each week benefits of different foods that can help you cleanse from the inside out. I am super excited to try reciepes from my Eat Beautiful book written by makeup artist Wendy Rowe. So watch this space.

Shahnaz x