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I think the key to applying foundation is to make your skin look like skin. You don’t want to look like its caked on (which I promise so many do and its not pretty). The best is when someone tells you how amazing your skin looks and what do you use to get it looking so good. You want people to actually think its your natural skin and thats how you look all the time. So this post is about how to apply foundation like pro and make it look like you know exactly what you are doing. I get hired a lot for shoots for the no makeup makeup look so skin looks even and flawless but still looks really natural. So here are my tips on getting your foundation right:


Before you even begin to contemplate what foundation or tool to use you need to get your skin right. There is nothing worse if your skin is dry and dehydrated and you want your makeup to look amazing. You want your canvas to perfectly prepped before you begin to paint right? Make sure your skin is cleansed, exfoliated if needed or maybe you need a mask too? A serum always works a treat and then finished off with a moisturiser and eye cream thats right for your skin type.

Choosing Your Foundation Shade:

The worst thing for me is when the foundation does not match the persons face. They either look way too pale, too orange and they haven’t blended the foundation into the neck so its two different colours. Its so important that your foundation matches your skin and looks seamless all the way to your chest. Do not match your foundation your hands or arms. The best is on the jaw line as it meets your neck and you can see what you need for it to match. If you are unsure get 3 samples of 3 shades and take them away when you are in natural daylight. There is also new technology from brands like Estee Lauder that have machines that help match your shade. But still make sure you go where its a natural light and you can actually see for yourself. If you do go a touch too light bronzer will be your best friend to warm up your face and your neck.

The Right Texture and Tools:

Make sure you choose the right texture. Do you need something super light because your skin is good already? Or a medium to full coverage? Liquid or a cream? Hydrating or matt? These are all really important depending on your skin type. Especially if you need to cover dark spots or if you have an oily complexion.

If your skin is dry or gets dehydrated like mine can do then go for a liquid or cream foundation that will make your skin dewy and luminous. If you have a dry skintone stay away from powder foundation trust me it will do you no favours. ¬†For normal skintones you can go for liquid, cream or powder. If you have an oily compelxion look for semi matt or matt foundations but one’s that are not heavy on your complexion and let your skin breath. Plus powder in your T-Zone will be your best friend to take shine away and to make sure your makeup lasts the distance.

When it comes to choosing the right tool then you need either a great foundation brush or invest in a beauty blender. If you really going for super natural then you may just want to use your fingers. I love a foundation brush that has a flat head because it really avoids streaking. My favourite brand is Zoeva beacuse they have all the shapes I love and feel amazing on the skin. I have been using the Defined Buffer Brush because its at an angle so gets in eveywhere and leaves the most beautiful finish. Plus no streaking. A brush also helps you to build coverage if you want a more medium to full coverage. I normally apply the liquid onto the back of my hand and then dab on the brush and then apply. I continue this process until I feel there is enough coverage.

If you love to use a powder foundation that a little goes a long way and only apply in areas where needed. Don’t cake over the whole face as it will only emphasise things like fine lines. Personally I am not a fan of powder foundation I tend to gravitate towards liquid and cream foundations. If you are setting your foundation with a finishing powder just apply in the oily/shiney areas. These are usually the centre of your forehead, under your eyes, bridge of your nose and chin.

Strategically Apply:

Don’t waste your foundation especially if its a fancy one. Look at your face and see where its needed the most. When it comes to my face its normally the centre that needs the most coverage and then lighter and blended out on the outer edges. I always start in the centre of the face when I apply foundation. If you have crazy redness or blemishes then correct with a concealer afterwards. With redness and dark circles I use a blending brush and with spots I correct with a small brush and then just lightly dab over the area. Remember you want your skin to look natural.

Flawless Smooth Finish:

Really you need to make sure your skin was prepped and you used the right tools. Your brush needs to be cleaned regularly so that your foundation can really melt into your skin and you are not dragging a dirty brush across your face. Skin needs to be hydrated or a primer needs to be applied if you have an oily complexion or large pores. Check out brands like Bobbi Brown, Benefit and Smashbox for all your primer needs. You don’t want your foundation emphasising pores. Make sure you really buff your foundation in so that your whole face looks equal.

Apply foundation Like A Pro

Image Above For Elle Magazine:

Makeup by Me

Hair by Kevin Epstein

Shot by Cope and Figgins

Styled: Tarryn Oppel

Shahnaz x