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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

On my last shoot on Friday I was doing hair and one of my models Elena had the most gorgeous hair to play with. All I needed to do was create something that looked glamourous so of course a beautiful wave was the order of the day.

Now there are different tongs that create different styles and I didn’t want to go for a curl so I took my Babbyliss wand to create the wave I needed. Always remember to prep your hair before you apply any heat. I used my Bumble and Bumble hair primer and the GHD heat protect so that hair doesn’t get damaged and then I spritzed each section of hair as I applied the tong.


Take 1 inch sections of hair and wrap around the larger part of the wand and hold for 30 or so seconds you can pin as you go along especially if you hair doesn’t hold a curl as well or just leave and carry on until you do the whole head.

I brushed through with a soft brush after wards to take a little of the curl out and what was left is this gorgeous wave in the hair.

Shahnaz x