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Shahnaz Loves Beauty


For this beauty shoot for Seventeen Magazine SA it was all about hair looks. There are so many ways to achieve waves and a lot of tongs on the market to help you achieve them.

For the girl on the left I spritzed the hair with a heat protector and then hair spray so that the waves would last. To achieve the wave I used the Babyliss Wave Envy tong, take one inch sections of hair don’t tong from the root but start a quarter of the way down and apply the tong to the hair for 15/20 seconds. I sectioned the hair so that I could easily work my way up. Once I finished tonging the hair to create the volume I sprinkled the Osis Dust it powder into the roots and all over the hair and worked the hair with my hands to achieve the look I needed.

For the girl on the right I spritzed her hair with heat protector and hair spray then pin cirled her hair using a Babyliss 19mm tong . I sectioned the hair taking 1 inch pieces of hair wrap the hair around the tong for 20 seconds the pinned in place. I did this all the way up to the top of the head. Leave the hair in pin curls as long as you can preferably 30 minutes, I only took her hair down once make up was done and we were ready to shoot.

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