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Makeup is all about enhancing the features and making subtle changes so that all that the eye can see is a beautiful flawless face. Its a little more than the no makeup makeup look but its the same vibe.

The key to any look is a good skin prep because without all those steps your face will never have the finish you want. To make foundation application easier and to look natural you need to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturise and the rest.

Enhancing your features is all about working on the best bits or your main assets so you may have beautiful lips or big eyes. Filling in the brows is a great way to give dimension to the face especially when you don’t naturally have full brows you can cheat your way to create a fuller brow or a more shapely brow by using powders and pencils.

Mascara ia great way to open up the lashes and give you the more wide awake look, you can really go to town with mascara to give that wow volume. If you lashes aren’t naturally curly then invest in an eyelash curler.

Contouring is the best way to enhance your features especially if you don’t have defined cheek bones so a great way to add amazing definition and a matt texture is normally the best for this, a shimmer texture is better to when you looking to highlight skin. Work under the cheek bones, along the jaw line and on the forehead.

Lips are an amazing way to complete a look, if you struggle with thin lips then cheat with a lip liner to give the illusion of fuller lips, a gloss is also such a pretty way to enhance features. Go for nudes but if you want to brighten up the whole complexion a bright lip is the only way to go.

Shahnaz x

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