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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

 Get A Natural Glow For Your Skin

I recently got asked how to get a natural glow for your skin and what I advise people I do makeup on. It really made me think that without using any makeup tricks to get the glow how do I get my skin to glow and what really works. So here are my tips:

1) Beauty Regime is so key here because if you don’t do certain key things your skin will never naturally glow. I get asked what should I do my skin is dry or dehydrated and I always say up your beauty routine. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate is my main tip it takes all the dead skin away to leave smooth healthy looking skin, use a mask twice a week depending on your skin type to get deep into the dermis and use a serum day and night.

2) You are what you eat so make sure you get lots of Vitamin C from products like Kiwi and strawberries to help with collagen production which as we get older we need a whole lot more help. I am also a big fan of eating raw almonds is great for the figure but also amazing for my skin. Almonds are packed with antioxidants as well as Vitamin E which are amazing to get a natural glow for your skin.

3) Drinking water is not anything new or revolutionary but so many people just don’t drink enough. Its so important if you really are looking for naturally glowing skin. If you find it boring then squeeze some lemon in to add some taste.

4) Opt for products that are clean, natural and fragrance free. I am a massive fan of Ren which is all about clean skincare for all skin types¬†and Lush¬†have amazing natural masks that so many of the model’s i work with swear by, these products won’t strip your skin and will leave your skin naturally glowing.

Shahnaz x