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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Spring is almost here so its time to start thinking about your skin and how to cheat that glow. In this shoot for Secret Diaries I made sure Ariel’s skin was really glowing no matter what the makeup look was which just gives an extra dimension to the makeup but also makes everything else pop.

Here are the ket ways to achieve it:

1) Use oils at night unless you have oily skin so your complexion is already prepped for the next day.

2) Spritz your skin with a mist to add in extra moisture.

3) Go for a skin illuminator and mix in a pea size with foundation or just add to your key highlighting areas.

4) Go for a liquid foundation or a BB Cream depnding on how much coverage you want. My fav foundations for this are Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation, Smash Liquid Halo and Mac Mineralise Moisture.

5) Take a cream or powder highlighter that matches your skin tone and work it into top of cheek bones, bridge of your nose and the cupids bow. Layer the cream before the foundation and add powder after to really get that wow glow. Or just work a cream on top for a more subtle glow depending on what you are going for.

Shahnaz x