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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Recently I was asked to write abut eyebrows and how to maintain them and what products to use. Depending on the type of brow you want there are a few different ways. Grooming your brows is very important. Too many times I see girls that don’t groom and the brows look messy. While I favour the fuller brow, they need to be kept tidy.The current trend is the bolder fuller brow but if this look doesn’t suit you and you are unsure you can invest in brow shapers and see which looks best, then you can tweeze or fill in around the shape to ensure the perfect brow shape for your face.

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If you don’t have a brow shaper use your tweezer line it up from the inner corner of the brow to the arch and see what hairs need to be removed then line up from the arch to the end of the brow. Invest in a brow brush to brush through your brow. If you going for the strong brow either use a brow kit like Benefit Browzing or brow pencils such as mac brow pencil in fling and lingering to fill in the gaps in the brow. If you looking for a more natural look then brush through the brows and add a clear brow gel from Mac.