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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I get asked all the time on how to make foundation last longer, or my foundation doesn’t last all day what do I do? In my experience especially when its hot it will never have the same coverage that you have when you first apply but there are ways to extend your foundation life.

1) Firstly if you struggle with oily skin then mattifying your skin or minimising your pores is key so you need to grab yourself a primer. Smashbox have primers for days for every skin type s and they are well known for their oil free primers that smooth out your skin have lots of great ingredients and will allow your foundation to last longer and the foundation to look better on your skin.

2) Remember when choosing your foundation to make sure its for your skin type so if you have dry skin go for a liquid radiant foundation, or if you have oily skin go for a semi matt or matt foundation this is so vital when it comes to foundation looking good and lasting throughout the day. I am a liquid foundation kind of girl but when it comes to darker skin girls I love Bobbi Brown Stick foundation as it really evens out the skin and lasts longer on their skin or girls with blemishes I like a fuller coverage foundation that is semi matt.

3) The final step is key to longer lasting foundation and keep it all in place especially for those with normal, combination or oily skin. I personally love the skin finish products as they add a radiance to the skin instead of it making it look dry. The Mac Mineralise Skinfinish is a personal favourite as its so light weight and the shades match yor skin tone so there is no worry that a white powder will change your face colour. Take a large brush dust off the excess as you don’t need too much, and apply on your forehead, under your eyes, on your nose and on your ┬áchin.

Shahnaz x