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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am starting 2018 with a healthy and as much as possible all natural start. I am focusing heavily on what I am putting in my body but also what I out on my skin. Skincare is a number one priority so that still hasn’t chnaged but I am definitely trying out new things. I bout the Eat Beautiful Book a few months ago by celebrity makeup artist Wendy Rowe. Honestly I didn’t really look at it but thought I should buy it because its Wendy Rowe. Well the book is amazing with so many amazing food recipes and break downs of fruits and veg etc and how it can sort out all different issues with your body. The one thing I really wanted to try was to make the Rose Water Toner. Its super easy to do and a really effective for your skin.

Its super easy to all you need are:

  • 1 mug of rose petals either dry or fresh (I went for fresh as I have lots in my garden)
  • 2 mugs of boiling mineral water
  • A spray bottle and a muslin cloth (I could only find small bottles so used a few)

Take your petals and put them into a heat resistant bowl, pour in your boiling hot water and cover with a lid for half and hour. Strain the liquid into a bottle and throw away the petals. I couldn’t find larger spray bottles so I starined them into a bowl and then filled the bottles I had and stored the rest in another bottle. You can keep the home made toner for 2-3 weeks.

The rose water toner can be used to cleanse your face or help revive tired puffy eyes. Rose water is a multi tasker says Rowe as to not only nourishes, hydrates and balances it also smells good and has anti bacterial properties. If you can go for organisc roses which is why i picked staright from my garden as there are no chemicals that have been sprayed on the leaves.

You can soak a cotton wool pad and dab all over your face as a toner after cleansing and before applying your moisturiser. Alternatively place a pre soaked pad over your eyes for a few minutes to revive tired eyes.

Great way to save money and have amazing skin at the same time.