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how rto motivate yourself to exercise

Motivate yourself to exercise! There are days when I wake up and think I am so tired and really I can’t be bothered to get out of bed. Yesterday I faced that exact dilemma where I had slept only 5 hours and beyond emotionally and physically exhausted. My alarm went off at 5.45 and found myself resetting my alarm for another half hour more. But the reality is I would just be lying there thinking how lazy I am being. Plus I would regret not going for the rest of the day and it would effect the rest of my week. Its all about how to motivate yourself to exercise. I am the type of person that needs to plan it out and then stick to it. Its all in the mind and the minute you get your head out of the game well that’s just asking for trouble.

So here are 10 Tips on how to motivate yourself to exercise:

1. Plan the week and break it up so its interesting and no chance of getting bored. If I am feeling tired I leave the harder workouts to when I have had a better night sleep but I still get myself up.

2. When it comes to running I have a running partner this definitely helps me to get off my ass as I hate cancelling. It also helps me to keep going when I am running and not give up.

3. Book a class or 2 another great way to get motivated and push yourself. My sweat 1000 classes are perfect for this. Nothing worse than trying to train yourself and you just don’t push. Plus once you book you will hate yourself if you cancel.

4. Remember that every time you exercise you feel amazing after. That’s the feeling you have to remember when you are lying in bed working out if you should get up or not.

5. Plan your music. Have amazing play lists that will get you going if you are working out by yourself. It totally motivates me and actually makes it easier.

6. Give yourself weekly challenges on either calories burnt or how many km’s you can run in the week.

7. If you have a weight goal or body goals then plan those or even think of an event you are going to and how you need to achieve it. Mine is Afrika Burn. After looking at all the pics of amazing bodies I am motivating myself to get in shape by the end of April.

8. If you work out regularly you can still treat yourself here and there so get out of bed and get working out.

9. As cheesy as it sounds tell yourself “you can do this” and get up. Sometime as stern talking to is all that’s needed.

10. Work out hard in the week and you can treat yourself to some fun on the weekend because I always feel like I really achieved something.

So when you lying in bed thinking I can’t be bothered think of all these things and get a move on.

Shahnaz x