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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Yesterday I did my latest project for my Val Garland project with one of the key items being bee stung lips which basically implies plumped up lips. Even though my lovely model Morgan has great lips there are ways to cheat and to enhance giving you gorgeous full lips.

The best colours to go for this look are in the nude/peach region as it looks a bit more natural and not so in your face. I took a Bourjous contour lip pencil in nude and traced just over the lip line and I did this about 2/3 times to really get my shape and definition. I then took a slightly lighter peach shade lipstick from one of my Mac palettes and filled in the rest of the lips.

To get that really plumped up look go over the lips with a gloss I used the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker gloss in Candy Gloss but you can take a clear or a subtle peach gloss from any brand.

And there you have it plumped up gorgeous lips.

Shahnaz x